팝업레이어 알림

팝업레이어 알림이 없습니다.
  • Always,
    from viruses and harmful bacteria reassuring

Our mothers use to disinfected cotton blankets
and Jangdokdae named which Jar of soy souce
with sun-light.

The germicidal light S-LIGHT was inspired by
disinfecting cotton quilts and Jangdokdae.
So germicidal lamps are science and mother's love.

We, CONIS, are hoped to be A world
without Social distancing and No masks.

No more tears for
Small business owners.
Just leave Corona to the 'CONIS'
Germicidal Light.


Just turn it on.

The name that will be always with you.


Emergence of a new paradigm beyond the existing quarantine system

  • Safety

    Prolongation of
    corona virus
    With CORONA

  • Sustainability

    Comparing the Vaccine
    development speed with
    accelerated virus mutation

  • Eco-friendly

    Always safe,ECO,
    Urgent introduction

    on the Prompt and
    possible quarantinesystem

Not only safe but also effective regular quarantine

S-LIGHT are preemptive quarantine countermeasure draft, and it is a convergence smart lighting with a Germicidal function added to the lighting that is always enalble to disinfect spaces as well as efficient quarantine with low cost.

Limits on person-to-person quarantine

  • Routine social distancing - the advent of the new normal
  • Personal quarantine (Cleaning + Wearing mask)
  • ue to mass infection, Self-quarantine population’s explosive increation

If it is an indoor space, it can be always disinfected 24 hours.

Besides, individual spaces, even public spaces such as parking lots, corridors, andelevators are also safely quarantine with regular safety

Everyday life
of Space Germicidal

Reassuring from virus,
Convergence space disinfection Lighting S-LIGHT

germicidal power

99.9% sterilization
within 8 hours
5 times more disinfection
power than before


405nm wavelength applied
Germicidal method as
harmless on human body


    Space care that adds
    space disinfection to the lighting solution

    Integrated structure as Germicidal moduleand
    all-in-one aluminum body,
    Excellent heat generation and long lifespan

  • f it is an indoor space, it can be always
    disinfected 24 hours.

Safe and effective regular quarantine

  • Superiority
    • Simultaneous disinfection on space and surface
    • 3-stage’s lighting control possible
    • plementation of disinfection power’s algorithm
      on distance and time as compared to light intensity
  • Applicability
    • Double Edge design
    • Maximizes the disinfection
      power of theoverlapping section
      by more than 2 times.
    • Obtainment various domestic/overseas safety,
      performance and antibacterial certificates.
  • Differentiation
    • Simultaneous sterilization of
      surfaces as well as space all-in-one
    • Aluminum body design -
      excellent heat generation and long lifespan
  • Stability
    • According to the strict quality control,
      Top priority on consumer safety
    • Can be used for a long time
      without replacing parts
    • Can be used at low power condition without
      unnecessary power’s consumption
  • Economics
    • Compared to other companies,
      Cost savings of 30% or more3 – Excellent price competitiveness
    • Compared to other companies,
      there is no additional installation cost likely
      replacement or additional wiring work

Double edge method maximizes disinfection power.

By installing germicidal modules at the ends of both lighting equipmentcorner’s
the range is expanded by overlapping of the irradiation range and
the amount of irradiation is increased by more than 2 times

  • By installing a disinfection module at the ends of both lighting equipmentcorner’s, the range is expanded
    by double overlapping of the irradiation range (section B) and the irradiation amount is doubled or more

  • By applying the double edge design design method
    maximize disinfection power

  • Within 12 hours, MRSA, etc, Confirmation of a
    99.9% germicidal of various bacteria

Superiority of differentiated technology

  • Double edge

    Maximizes germicidal power by superimposing light Upgrading to Seoul BIOSYS LED chip reduces disinfection time by approximately 4 hours

  • Irradiation angle extension

    By extending the irradiation angle of the 405 nm germicidal module as 160 Degree, the irradiation range is maximized, and the more efficient sterilization poweris doubled.

  • Applying motion sensor

    Securing safety to control UV function when detecting human body

As a high-efficiency certified and long-life lighting products,

Cost savings of over 30% on average
compared to the competitors


50,000 hours

S-LIGHT는 extends the life of the light up to 50,000 By extending the time,
Can be used for a long time without replace accessories etc.
Two-wire wiring System replacement without additional wiring work,
enable to use as 30 % cheap as available price for comparing to other competitors.

Convergence germicidal lighting with space disinfection function


  • Coli

  • Staphylococcus

  • Pseudomonas

  • Fungus

  • MRSA

"Check 99.9% germicidal power"

405nm wavelength
harmless to
body using LED chips

It germicide
99.9% with only light.

S-LIGHT Product Series



  • Size (mm) : L640 x W320 x H26
  • Power Consumption : 30W
  • Color Temperature(K) (CCT) : 5700±10%



  • Size (mm) : L640 x W320 x H26
  • Power Consumption : 30W
  • Color Temperature(K) (CCT) : 5700±10%

In the Space, Germicide everything where the light hits.

Do safely disinfection with S-LIGHT

Every S-LIGHT installation spaces, Providing Safety Mark.

Check the S-LIGHT safety mark

If the space where are
number of large people,

Recognizable as hygienic and safe space.

Do use the safety mark

S-LIGHT, 99.9% virus germicidal light, harmless to human body

If there is a safety mark, use it with relief

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